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Choosing the Best Garage Door Opener

01/28/2015 Back To Blog

If one would go around asking why garage door openers are important, the most likely answer he would get is that this device makes life easier. Of course it does! With a garage door opener installed, you no longer have to get off the car to open the garage and then get back in the car again to drive it in. That is absolute convenience.

There is another thing that most people often overlook though. Garage doors equipped with openers also offer better security than their manually operated counterpart. It is more difficult to break into the house through the garage if the garage door system uses an opener.

Whether this is your first time to have garage door opener installation or you are simply looking to replace your old one, it is best to know what things you need to consider so you can have the best opener. When you choose your garage door opener you need to consider its power, the amount of noise it produces during operation, as well as the security and safety features it offers.

Choosing the Best Garage Door OpenerConsider the Power

When choosing your opener, it is best to take a good look on what type of garage door you have. Do you have a wooden, steel, aluminum, or glass garage door? Remember, the weight of your garage door is determined by its material. You should pick the opener powerful enough to open and close the door smoothly. If you have lighter doors, you can opt for openers with lesser power. In the same manner, pick the more powerful ones for heavier doors.

Consider the Sound

The sound or noise an opener produces should be given thought especially if the garage is situated near a bedroom or the living room. This is important if you do not want to disturb your kids or your wife if they are asleep or have visitors when you drive the car in or out of the garage. Look for door openers with the ability to operate without producing too much noise.

To achieve this, you need to look into the kind of mechanism it uses to operate. There are four types of mechanisms that openers use: belt drives, direct drives, screw drives and chain drives. Of the four mechanisms, direct drives is said to be the most quiet. Belt drives are also notably quieter than screw and chain drives. These two are your best options.

Consider Security

The garage door is among the most used point of entry to your home. It is therefore important to have an opener that is safe and one that provides the best security for your home. An example of an excellent door opener is one that uses a rolling code technology. This technology allows the opener to select new and random security codes every time you use your opener. This eliminates duplication and unwanted entry to your home.

With these considerations, you are on your way to having the best garage door opener.

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