Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

The garage door opener is the motor attached to the ceiling. It is one of the most important parts of the entire mechanism. For more information, click Read Here.

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Garage Door Remotes

Garage Door Remotes

We excel in garage door remote clickers replacement service

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

With the growing number of businesses booming, more homes and establishments require the services of Garage Door Maintenance.

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24/7 emergency garage door maintenance and repair.

You will need more than a screwdriver to complete your garage door repair successfully. These tips can be your most useful tool.

  • Know more about the garage door types you choose

    Thinking of purchasing sectional doors? Expect to deal with torsion springs since sectional panels and torsion springs are deemed as the better combination. If you prefer tilt-up doors, you will have to deal with garage door extension springs. Our experts suggest that you do your research if the kind of springs used, mechanism, and design are significant in your garage door installation decision.

  • The Emergency Release Feature is Helpful

    Garage door related injuries are piling up. Do not let anyone from your household to be part of the statistics. Make sure that you read about the emergency release feature in your manual. Better understanding is key, according to a garage Garage Door Professionals.

  • Applying lube on garage doors

    Make sure that you use the right type of lubricant for a certain garage door part. Our experts always advise homeowners to read and follow instructions on lubrication. Do not forget that wheels and tracks must also be lubed. Pull the door down and push it up to test if the noise is gone.

  • Get excellent quality weather seals

    The weather seals around the garage door and its windows are very important for the good indoor temperatures. The experts of our contractor in Allen recommend getting great quality weather seals or retainers, which can be installed at the outer part of the door. The weather seals are inserted in the retainers and replaced easier. The top, side and bottom seals must forbid the entrance of air.

  • Treat intense garage door noises

    Noisy garage doors are not always a warning for big problems but you should check the origins of the problem anyway. Check if there is an obstacle in garage door tracks, whether the mechanical parts and the opener chain need lubrication or some parts are rusty.

  • Check Garage Door Alignment to Ensure Safety

    Your garage door is the heaviest and biggest component of your opener. The door can weigh over three hundred pounds and improper alignment can allow it to become separated from the opener. This could result in the door unexpectedly dropping or shutting which is dangerous and risks damage or injury. Garage Door Professionals recommends checking that your tracks are properly aligned using a level and correct any misalignments straight away.

  • Don't let the garage door freeze

    Climate has changed and most areas are affected by extreme temperatures and freezing winters. You must make sure the mechanical garage door parts are well lubricated before it gets too cold. Specialists at Garage Door Professionals would recommend giving emphasis on the good lubrication of springs because they can be very sensitive in extremely cold conditions.

  • Don't let the children get close to the garage door

    Today, garages are used as activity spaces and modern garage doors are very reliable but you must never trust your kids playing close to the mechanism or under an open door. You must keep them away from garage door springs and cables, which may snap and definitely away from the remote controls, which can become an excellent, yet so dangerous game.

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