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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our admirable team repairs and replaces any kind of garage door springs.

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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

With our leading emergency technicians and their vast experience in garage door repair, emergency services are perfect

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

You can make sure you are safe when using your garage by turning to us for prompt and immediate services.

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Complete garage door services serving all year-round!

We answer your how to and why questions about garage door repair because you must feel ready and confident to do the job.

Smart, short answers to some of the most common questions related to garage doors. Read them here below by scrolling down. Find out how to take care of your garage door and parts, ways to prevent accidents and how to make related choices simply by reading the following answers.

Why are the sensors out of order?

Too much dust can block their signal. If they are not facing each other, they won't be able to sense the presence of your cat under the closing door. You should also check the wires and ensure they are properly connected with the opener.

Can I have one clicker for two openers?

Yes, you can. You just have to get a multi code remote that will open both the garage door and the gate or the garage door at home and work. The number of openers would determine the model according to Garage Door Professionals.

Which are the most practical garage doors?

The question is what the requirements of your property are. If you don't have the space to install overhead doors, these systems are simply unsuitable for your property although they are the most popular ones. Practicality comes when your needs are met and your everyday movements are facilitated by the garage door. So, the most practical garage door according to our Allen specialists will be the one that meets the demands of your place.

Does my garage door need a lock?

Our experts from Garage Door Professionals believe that having a lock on garage doors is unnecessary unless it does not have a garage door opener. This is due to the security functions available on the opener, which can act as a locking mechanism on its own.

Why is my garage door stuck to the floor?

The technicians of our garage door repair company in Allen point out several possible causes. The springs may be broken. Alternatively, a cable may be broken. In either case, the opener will shut off automatically. Another cause is obstruction of the tracks. During the winter, ice may have built up under the door.

I only want to change a part of my garage door. Is that possible?

You should properly check if changing just a section will suffice. There are times when a garage door panel repair might not be enough and you would need to change the entire door. Inspect the whole door to see if any garage door parts look too worn out for possible repairs.

How do I release the opener from the door?

You have to use the red cord hanging from the opener trolley. This is the emergency release rope and it's used when you want to disconnect the opener from the door. For most openers, pull the rope down and towards the opener. You should hear a clicking sound disconnecting the operator.

What are the basic things I must know about my garage door?

You must know how much it weighs, what types of springs are required and the requirements of the door's material. It's good to know the exact size of the door, the opener brand, and what's the utility of accessories. This way, you can replace parts and use the garage system properly.

Is it possible for me to just replace a section of my door instead of the entire door?

Our garage door professionals can replace only sections of a door, but this will also depend upon the extent of damage. Our technician would recommend garage door panel replacement after evaluating the situation.

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